Agitators Chemineer agitators include top, side, and bottom entering units for use in a variety of applications from small pilot scale to large production units. Products include right angle and parallel shaft units, gear reduced, direct drive, and air driven designs. Design and features Vertical agitator. Sealing: V-ring. Propeller attached to shaft and the shaft attached to the geared motor by Allen studbolts. Helical gear unit with reinforced bearings and food-grade oil. Motors: IP 55, F-class insulation. Maximum power 1,1

High Viscosity Mixer For Industrial Mixing

A typical high viscosity agitator design has a center mount low speed Anchor Paddle Sweep blade which sweeps the mix vessel wall. The second mixer is typically a higher speed agitator or disperser. The high speed mix impeller or blade provides high shear mixing to rapidly disperse or dissolve the additive solid or powder ingredients.

Specialised in agitator design and industrial agitators, Mixel manufactures standard and made-to-measure mixing appliances. All over the world, we make sure to meet the technical, quality, financial, and safety constraints of our customers. Our offering relies on 3

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Our custom agitator design selection software tool allows us to provide tailored solutions for industrial tank mixer designs, efficiently cost effectively. Fluidpro are supplying mixing solutions to a vast range of industries including; food processing,wastewater, chemical, pharmaceutical, wineries, dairies, breweries and many more.

We design and manufacture Industrial Agitators as needed in the Pharmaceutical Industry, for medicines, vaccines, syrups, lotions and ointments, veterinary Pimecsa provides extensive know-how to assist in process development and design for cGMP installations.

VFD for industrial agitator

The industrial agitator will consider having a certain allowance in design according to the requirements of the service condition. When the industrial agitator is in practical operation process, it is not required to always work with the maximum revolving speed.

2015/5/20Typically, an industrial agitator consists of four main segments: Drive Mount Shaft Impeller With each of these segments, there are a number of important considerations to enable optimal configuration of the mixer. 1. Mixer Drive (Inclusive)

Industrial design and fabrication is now one of the most fluid environments in the business world. Companies that require solutions to facilitate, enhance or maintain their manufacturing capabilities are no longer restricted by geography.

Agitator or Mechanical Mixer usually consists of a shaft-mounted Impeller connected to a drive unit. General Arrangement of Industrial Agitator or Mixer: Typical arrangement of agitator is shown in above has consist of Dished Vessel, Stirrer, Cooling Coils, Baffle plate, Foam breaker, Seal, Bearing assembly, Gear Box, Motor Drive.

Agitator Power requirement for a given geometry and mixture Scale of Agitation 1 is quite mild, 3 is normal, 6 is vigorous and 10 is violent. Scale of 1 to 2 Characteristic of application requiring minimum fluid velocities to produce a flat but moving fluid batch surface.

Fluidmix is a company that dedicates its activity to the design, manufacturing, marketing and technical assistance of equipments of agitation and dosage systems dosage needed in the industrial sector. Fluidmix has with a staff with wide experience and knowledge in the sector of the agitation and the mixture to provide the best solutions in terms of costs, deadlines, warranty and quality.

Manufacturer of SS Agitator - Industrial Agitator /Stirrer offered by Thermotech Engineering And Services Private Limited, Pune, Maharashtra. We are involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Agitators and Mixers, Widely used in various industries all across the nation, these are highly used in the production of paints, chemicals, Pharma,cosmetics, food products and others.

Agitator Seals produced us has a wide variety of usage in different industries – that include – vessels, glass line vessels, blowers and reactors. Our manufactures Agitator Seals are mainly used in the best in class Industrial Agitators. Sturdy construction

Agitator/mixer Scale Up

Agitator/mixer Scale Up - posted in Industrial Professionals: Hello all, I am working on some calculations for scaling up a mixing tank. I believe that I am fine with calculations concerning energy and tank dimensions, but I am unsure about the mixing calculations. I know that a simple calculation shows that less speed is needed when scaling up, and as a result, I am assuming that the shear

For more information on the mechanical design of agitators, please refer to the text, Handbook for Industrial Mixing published by the North American Mixing Forum. Gear Reducer This is normally the most expensive component in a low speed agitator system.

industrial practices used in the United States with design information for mate-rials measured in inches and motors specified in horsepower. Descriptions using Handbook of Industrial Mixing: Science and Practice, Edited by Edward L. Paul, Victor A. Atiemo

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By switching up the agitator impeller design, size and shape of the mixing vessel, and mixing speed, we can create precise mixing solutions, no matter what kind of viscosities are involved. In this installment of Mixing Basics, we're breaking down viscosity, an often misunderstood piece of the mixing puzzle.

Today i gonna give you a description that limits upto my knowledge, and most of you may find it useful, about the Industrial Agitators, Types of Agitators, their Power Numbers, Design Equations and their significance in production. Introducing or discovering the